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A Review of the Popular Monopoly Slot Machines

Monopoly is a familiar theme in the slot halls of Las Vegas casinos. These games have been around in various guises for many years and range from simple 3 reel games to very recent immersive video slot games with fantastic animated bonus rounds. Software giant IGT are behind these games which have now also found their way online at some of the leading US casinos.

This page gives you a primer for the main types of Monopoly slot machine that you will find in live casinos around the country. First of all I have introduced how the Monopoly concept relates to slot games, and the main features you will find in them. After that you can find out about the 3 main games available in casinos right now, including the main difference between them. After that the question of whether you should choose this slot or one of the 100’s of others is looked into – before I sign off with some recommendations of other slots.

Monopoly Slot Game Basics

Throughout the generations the symbols and basic setup of the Monopoly slots games have stayed the same. The familiar playing pieces like the dog, battleship and iron have made up the main symbols – while Uncle Pennybags (that’s the guy on the front of the box in case you missed his name), has bought you the bonus features.

On the earliest versions of this machine, the feature round consisted of a spinning wheel as part of the cabinet which would stop at a win multiplier. Things have moved on considerably with video slots and touch-screens. Nowadays, the games are based on the board itself, and can get fairly complex and involved in the very latest video slots.

One thing that Monopoly slots have shared for a long time is the potential for a progressive jackpot payout. These can make your virtual board game into the chance to start a monopoly business of your own for the lucky few big winners.

3 IGT Monopoly Games Available Now

The main 3 live games are all different generations of the same core concept. Remember that there are new developments in slot technology all the time, and that this tried and trusted theme is almost certainly in the development cycle already for a whole new generation of slots.

If you enjoy the interactive features of slot machines, then ‘Monopoly Here and Now’ is the version for you. This is a modern video slot with very polished and classy looking symbols. There are 20 winning lines, though you can select fewer if you wish. The big money comes via the interactive bonus round, which is based on the classic board layout. This feature can go on for a long time, and you’ll continue to accumulate money as you go along.

Big jackpot fans are better off heading for the Mega-Jackpot Monopoly Game. This has a top prize which regularly crosses into the 7-figures range. To win the jackpot you have to maximize your credits on this game, which has 9 winning lines and up to 5 credits per line (which confusingly is then multiplied by your coin amount). There is a bonus round in this game (called ‘Pass Go’) though the top prize comes when you line up the Jackpot symbols across the middle of the screen.

The flashy interactive games are not preferred by every player. Fortunately Monopoly has a less intensive version for those players who prefer a more relaxing slots experience (and still want the chance to play for big money). This is called ‘Pass Go’, and is a 9 win line game with just a single game-like bonus round feature. If you hit 3 dice symbols on the win-line, you are in for some big money on this machine. As an added extra, My Pennybags acts as your host throughout the game.

Should you Choose Monopoly Slots?

Monopoly slots do cover a wide range of tastes, with some very modern intensive slot games, plus some much older and more relaxing varieties. This takes away the usual concern that the game would appeal to one group of slot fans and not another. With just about everybody familiar with this board game to some degree, there is also little risk of not understanding what is happening in the game.

The only downsides I could come up with are that you’ll miss the interaction and video-clips of some of the latest slots. This could well be the slot that really does have something for everyone.

Alternatives to the Monopoly Slots

There are plenty of other choices, with some of them also based on games. Two examples include the Jeopardy slot, which mimics the TV quiz show, and the brand new version of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ which is a multi-player slot with a giant 103 inch screen.