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Betting Systems

An Overview of Betting Systems in Roulette Games

Roulette is a game which has fascinated systems bettors for 100’s of years. There must be 100’s of systems in circulation, some complex and some very simple. The common theme with all Roulette systems is that casinos, both live and online, welcome players who are using them. The reason for this is mathematical, as no system can beat the house edge over the long run. Of course the creators of these systems are adamant (even angrily so) than they can beat the house.

This article looks into the subject or Roulette Betting Systems in depth, asking the key question of why are the casinos still standing if the claims of these systems is true?

First of all below I have looked at the key reason that a betting system will not make you rich. After that I have given an example, using the Martingale betting system, which is the basis for ever more complex systems. Positive progressions are considered next, these take a different approach to beating the games. At the end of this page I look beyond betting systems and give some more practical pointers for minimizing the house edge and maximizing your betting pleasure.

Roulette Betting Systems – The House Edge and Independent Events

What any betting system is trying to overcome is the house edge. This is the profit which is mathematically built in to every game. On a single spin or even a single night, the variations of numbers hitting and whether they match player bets means that a casino might either make or lose money. Over time, the results will get closer and closer to the house edge. This is known as reversion to the mean. As the sample size increases, the real-world results get closer and closer to the real odds.

Each spin is an individual event, and each spin, over a large enough sample, will revert to the mean (which is between 2% and 5.3% depending on which Roulette game you choose). From a purely mathematical view point, over time no system can win. Over the long term, the house will take its 2% whatever you do.

What systems claim is that the long-term is too long for any one individual, and that by betting in certain ways, the individual can buck the inevitable push towards the average, and come out on top.

As you will see below, there are some ways in which systems can smooth out the volatility for an individual over short periods. Yet no systems bettor has been able to consistently beat the house. The casinos are open right now, and you are more than welcome to go in and use your system. This should tell you all you need to know. People selling ‘Roulette betting systems’ are only making a profit from gullible individuals, however hard they might try to convince you otherwise.

Roulette Betting Systems – Martingale

The most famous betting system of all is the Martingale system. This was the first to introduce the stake-doubling concept. Here is how it works. You bet 1 unit on red or black (or another even money chance), if you win, you start again, if you lose then you bet 2 units next time, and then 4 and then 8 – and you keep going until you win. Once you do win, you go back to a single unit and start over.

Since sequences of several of the same color are very rare, this system keeps you making a profit once your color does hit. For example even if black comes up 6 times in a row, eventually red is ‘bound’ to come in. As long as your bankroll is big enough, you can win back your 1 unit by simply doubling your stake each time. Try it for play-chips, you will see that most of the time you win after a few spins and get back to betting 1 unit again.

There is a fundamental flaw, sequences which leave you broke are actually quite common. Here is an example with a typical $10 outside bet minimum at a live casino.

$10, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, $640, $1280, $2560, $5120, $10240.

After 10 losses you are betting more than $5000 to win your $10 back.

This is where the system falls over, you will either hit the table limits or reach the limits of your bankroll. All of a sudden those small wins you accumulated while the system saved your bets are gone, and many more besides. Nobody is immune to these runs, eventually the house will win.

Positive Progression Betting Strategy in Roulette

Some systems double after a win. These do not look to save your bets, instead trying to parlay your winnings into a meaningful windfall. The most famous of these is the Paroli system, which doubles 3 times after a win before going back to a single unit.

These systems cannot beat the house either. What they can do is give recreational players a little bit more excitement than single unit betting – and the occasional big windfall too.

Alternatives to Roulette Betting Strategies

The real key with Roulette is to enjoy the game, to give yourself a chance of some meaningful windfall payouts when the ball lands right for you – and to maximize your benefits like comps and bonus payments while you play. Remember, nobody beats Roulette over the long term, your best betting strategy is one that maximizes the fun you’ll have along the way.