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Caesars Palace

Overview of the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is an integral part of the Las Vegas Strip - this was one of the first casino resorts to come up to the standards of the modern era – first opening its doors in 1966. This casino has continued to grow over the years, with new towers being added and venues developed to host world-class shows. The last such expansion opened in 2012. The casino is huge here, and choice of shops, restaurants and attractions is world class.

This page gives you a detailed overview of the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino resort. First of all, you’ll find a look back at the history of this venue, and the main features which separate it from other resorts. After that the casino is looked at in detail, this includes a look at the sports book and poker room in addition to the slots and table games. Finally, some highlights from the entertainment you can expect to find are covered.

Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino – History and Features

This casino has changed hands multiple times, and developed piecemeal into the amazing resort you will find today. The ultimate owners, Caesars Entertainment group, own several properties including Bally’s, Harrah’s and the Cromwell.

The construction of this casino began in 1962, the project of motel owner Jay Sarno, with the main building, fountains and casino floor. The next addition, the Centurion tower, followed in 1970, with further building completing the 6 current towers by 2012. One of these became the separate Nobu Hotel in 2011.

Caesars is well known for the Forum Shops, this is a replica of Rome, with high-end fashion brand shops lining the ‘streets’. The forum comes complete with fake sky, pavement cafes and entertainment - it is a tourist attraction in its own right. Other notable attractions include the Coliseum, which is a 4000+ seat venue build especially for Celine Dion; though many other performers have used the same room –including Elton John. There is also an outside venue, which hosts regular shows.

If the shows, shopping and gambling is not enough for you, then you will find some extremely high-end restaurants at this casino, including no less than four separate venues which have been awarded Michelin Stars. Nightclub fans are also well looked after here, the main venue is called PURE, with the Pussycat Dolls Lounge also a popular nightclub destination. There are also extensive conference facilities, baths and spas, swimming pools and the Numb cocktail bar to consider while you visit.

The Casino at Caesars Palace

You’ll find a massive casino here, putting even the biggest venues to shame in the sheer size and scope of the place. This casino feels a little better laid out and higher quality than some, with separate sections and discreetly separated higher limit areas. You will find $5 tables, though these are the exception rather than the rule, with $10 or greater minimum bets the normal level in this casino.

The choice of slots is amazing. You’ll walk past thousands of them on your way through the casino. These include the latest and greatest video slot titles in multi-player format, where you share bonus rounds and special features with the other players, as well as spinning your own reels. There are all types of slots here from interactive movie tie-in games, through to old school 3-reel slots which are still very popular with slots purists. If jackpots are your thing, then you’ll find plenty of opportunities to win more than a million from a single spin.

Table games feature the usual choice of Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Casino Poker and Baccarat (plus many more). One interesting section is just outside the Pussycat Dolls nightclub. These are tables themed around this club, complete with scantily clad dealers and pole dancers performing between the tables. The stakes are a little higher on these tables compare to the regular ones.

Caesars just opened a brand new poker room, which is nicely separated from the rest of the casino. This is 4,500 square feet and operates 16 tables. Games are running around the clock here, and there are four tournaments scheduled every day in addition to the cash games.

The sportsbook follows the lead of the rest of this hotel. This is spacious, clean and has great service. There are two giant screens and many more which are merely very large. The range of bets on pro sports, horses and international events is amazing.

Entertainment at Caesars Palace

The full list of entertainment available here would be extremely long. This could include the many restaurants, including Gordon Ramsey’s Burger bar, the bars and nightclubs and much more. The main show here still features Celine Dion, who has been a mainstay of the performances here for many years. With other acts the quality of Elton John, you can see that this venue only considers acts of the highest quality.