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Overview of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas

Many people do not know it, but the Mirage hotel was a significant factor in saving Las Vegas from a severe decline in the 1980’s. The Strip had lost its way, with the old casinos not pulling people in like they did in the past. When the Mirage was built, it was the first in a long line of lavish casino resorts which went a long way to revitalizing the Strip.

This article gives you a detailed overview of all things Mirage. First you can read about the history of this hotel, and the current features which continue to draw in huge numbers of visitors. After that the casino is the focus, with all of the different forms of gambling covered in turn. At the end of this page you can find out about the entertainment available at today’s Mirage Hotel.

Mirage Las Vegas – History and Features

This is a mid-sized venue by the standards of other Las Vegas hotels, having 3044 rooms in total. When it opened, in November 1989, it was the biggest and most lavish casino hotel by a wide margin. This venue was owned by Steve Wynn, and was later sold to MGM Resorts. The casino is large, clocking in at 9,300 square meters. The gold tint in the windows of the Mirage comes from real gold dust, which is used in the construction of the glass.

This resort really made a splash when it first opened. It was famed for a magic show involving tigers, called Siegfried and Roy. In front of this hotel is a volcano, which erupts every 30 minutes, one of many similar attractions up and down the strip.

While the shows have now closed, the Mirage continues to be a success story. There are many features including a secret garden containing tigers, lions and other big cats – and a dolphin sanctuary. There is also a swimming pool where ladies can sunbathe ‘European Style’ and a tropical garden right in the middle of the casino floor itself.

Like with all the casino resorts, there is plenty of shopping to be found at the Mirage, along with bars, nightclubs and restaurants. This casino is opposite to Harrah’s and the Venetian, meaning you’ll have plenty more action right on your doorstep. There is also a tram linking the Mirage to the next door Treasure Island.

Mirage Las Vegas – Casino Gambling

This was one of the first of a new breed of huge casino floors when it opened in 1989. Many years later and you will still find a lot of action here, even though there are many other casinos of a similar size what you can now choose from.

If you do gamble here, make sure you pick up a ‘Mlife’ card. This will help you earn points which can be exchanged for buffets, or get you upgrades to your accommodation.

Slots take up the majority of the table floor and include the entire spectrum of machines. The simplest are 3 reel slots where you just have to match up the 7’s. The latest generation of games includes interactive games and video rounds and even multi-player social games. In between, there is something for everyone who enjoys playing the spinning reels.

Table games include the usual mix of Roulette, Blackjack, Craps (just listen out, you’ll find those tables with your ears) and Casino Poker games. You will also find Pai-Gow and wheel-based games, as well as various variations and games with different side-bets. If the regular games, which start at $5, are not high enough stakes for you, then the high-limit lounge is the place to head for bigger betting limits.

Poker fans should definitely check out the card room at the Mirage, which was recently voted the best in Vegas by the Vegas Weekly magazine. Fridays sees the biggest tournament in a packed weekly schedule, when ‘The Stack’ us played with 15,000 starting chips. There are cash games (particularly no limit Holdem) running around the clock here, and plenty of promotions and special offers too.

Finally for the gambling games, the sportsbook at the Mirage is an excellent choice too. They have 4 huge Sony 4K Ultra HD projection screens, as well as individual monitors. You can bet on racing, professional sports or international sports here around the clock.

Entertainment at the Mirage

Sadly the Siegfried and Roy shows had to be stopped after the star of the show got mauled by a tiger on stage. This does not mean that the entertainment side of the Mirage stopped though. At the moment this is home to one of the most popular shows anywhere on the strip. The Beatles: One is a tribute show to the Beatles run by Cirque de Soleil.

In addition to the shows you will find plenty of restaurants here including the infamous Stark.