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A Guide on What Is Expected and How to Behave At the Craps Table

When the dice are rolling hot the shouts and cheers coming from the Craps table are unmistakable. This is the most social and emotional games in the casino, as well as one of the fastest. This means there are fairly strict rules that must be followed to ensure the game remains fast and enjoyable for all. While the mention of ‘etiquette’ can make new players nervous, the accepted rules of conduct are fairly easy to pick up and there is always a dealer or stickman to ask.

This guide intends to help you get used to these practices to allow you to feel confident at the table. To begin with you can learn the best methods to approach the table and buy your chips. Following this the ways to bet are covered, with the different “do’s” and “don’ts” which will help the flow of the game. When you are the shooter all eyes are on you so ways to avoid basic mistakes are looked at before a couple of mentions of general social points to help everyone have fun.

Arriving at the Table and Getting Chips

When you approach the table make sure you spot who the shooter is and do not try to squeeze in next to them. Even if they are not distracted or bothered by this, it could be seen in a different way by other players if a hot streak is broken.

Do not be afraid of asking the dealer or stickman questions, or even announcing you are new to the game. They will be happy to help you as it will aid the flow of the game, keeping it enjoyable for everyone. You are also welcome to chat with or ask other players, as long as they are happy with it and are not placing bets or shooting dice.

If you do not have enough chips you are welcome to exchange cash at the table you should never try to do so while the shooter has the dice in their hand or while they are being rolled. Ideally you should wait until the dice are in the middle of the table before placing your money on the layout and asking for “change only”. Do not try to hand your money to the dealer – they are not allowed to accept notes or chips directly from players.

Good Practices When Placing Bets

You can set your own Pass/Don’t Pass bets, Odds, Come bets and Field bets by putting these down in the relevant sections. Other bets should be put on the layout before asking the dealer to make your bet. Make sure you place your bets in an organized manner and clearly state your wager. Try to use as few chips as possible to make it easy for the staff, rather than messing around piling up smaller denominations.

Try to get all bets down before the stickman announces “the dice are out”. If you absolutely need to make a late bet drop the chips quickly in your chosen section, away from the path of the dice and announce your wager. The dealer will either call it or declare it a “no bet”.

Once your betting is done move out the way as soon as you can and do not put your hands onto the Craps table. If you are drinking, do so behind the rail before placing the drink on the shelves provided underneath.

Shooting Dice

When it is your turn to shoot you will be able to pick which dice to use. Decide which two you want and keep them in one hand. Do not pass the dice between hands and keep them over the table in clear view of everyone. If you have a lucky warm up or shake be aware of the other players on the table and do not delay the game any longer than is acceptable.

Do not chuck the dice down the table at high speed, or slide them along the layout. You should toss the dice hard enough to hit the back wall, although not ridiculously hard that they fly out of the table.

Avoid shooting the dice while the dealer is working stacks or across to the either side of the table. The dice should go down the middle of the table before they rebound off the back wall.

General Social Behavior

Craps is a sociable game so have fun with the other players by cheering on the shooter and calling for the point to come up.

If you have opted to take the Don’t Pass wager and are betting against the shooter, just enjoy the fact you have a slight advantage and keep your mouth shut! Celebrating a win while the majority of the table is suffering a loss is a sure way to cause tension and ruin the atmosphere for everyone.