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Casinos By Country

A Guide to the International Casino Scene

Casino gambling is prevalent though out the world, and takes many forms in different countries. In some places this is strictly controlled, with only one licensed venue in any given city. Elsewhere the regulations are far more liberal, often devolved to the local government level. There is a similar story when it comes to online casino gambling. Some countries allow their citizens the freedom to choose for themselves, while others – notably the US and South Africa – do not.

This section of the site is a guide to casinos by country. This page summarizes the situation in the various English speaking jurisdictions around the world. You will find detailed guides on each place with more information on both the live and the online casino scene.

US Casinos

The US is the first place people think of when live casino gambling is mentioned. The Las Vegas strip is synonymous with gambling throughout the world – and is the main hub of gambling activity ranging from table games through slots and also poker. Of course, there are plenty of other States with their own casino hubs too. Atlantic City, the tribal casinos of Connecticut and the card-rooms of California are just the tip of the iceberg for this diverse gambling country.

There are States in the US which are anti-gambling to the point that they are to all intents and purposes dry. US players are also restricted from reaching the major international online casinos. There are offshore casinos which are happy to accept US players, based out in the Caribbean.

Canadian Casinos

Canada has casinos in all of its provinces. These range from the big casino resorts at Niagara Falls to smaller casinos and card-rooms in the northern provinces. When it comes to online casino gambling, this country has internet casinos which are run by the local governments. Players can access the larger international rooms, though there are some payment issues which are caused by the restrictions in the US.

UK Casinos

The United Kingdom enjoys some of the most liberal gambling laws around. Citizens are free to gamble online and licensing is available for the operators of the sites. The UK lacks the giant casino resorts of other countries, though makes up for this by having 100’s of smaller and mid-sized casinos which cover every major town and city in the country. There are also some exclusive casinos for high rollers in London.

Australian Casinos

There are a small number of very lavish casino resorts in Australia, generally just one big one in each major city. In general, this country has a liberal attitude when it comes to gambling. Many bars include rooms full of ‘pokies’ (slots) and also have sportsbook facilities. There are also a large number of dedicated poker rooms. Notable casino resorts include the Victoria Casino in Melbourne, which is home to the famous ‘Aussie Millions’ poker tournament.

New Zealand Casinos

Though the gambling culture is not as big as in neighboring Australia, there are some great mid-sized options for residents of New Zealand. As you would expect, the bigger cities have the best venues, which often include entertainment and restaurant facilities, in addition to the opportunity to enjoy the casino games. Skycity is a chain of live casinos which has venues in several of the big population centers here.

South Africa Casinos

Some of the casinos in South Africa are huge, and designed to attract the numerous tourists in this country – as well as the local population. Cape Town and the resort of Sun City (just outside of Johannesburg) are two examples of combination resort, hotel and conference facilities. There are plenty more casinos, with several in each of the main cities plus smaller venues elsewhere. Online gambling is not permitted in South Africa, where laws from 2004 and 2010 combine to shut out the operators of online casino sites.

Euro Casinos

Europe is a huge place, and the casinos here are very diverse. The laws relating to gambling are sometimes in the hands of the individual countries, and sometimes in divested to the provinces within the country – creating a real patchwork of regulatory interests. Notable casinos include the high-roller heaven of principality of Monte Carlo. There are historical casinos in Italy, which were among the first anywhere in the world. You can also enjoy exclusive venues in France, including the prestigious Aviation Club de Paris.

There is no single way of handling online casino gambling across Europe. Three countries (France, Italy and Spain) have separated their player pools and require individual licensing. Others take a completely open stance and allow their citizens the choice of all the international online casinos. Still others offer this choice at the same time as taxing the casinos based on turnover of residents of each country.