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Eco Card

How to Deposit With Eco Card at Online Casinos

Eco Card is a virtual MasterCard which you can get with no credit check or bank account. This works on a pre-load basis. You load it up with funds, and can then use it at any online merchant that accepts MasterCard. This includes online casinos. This casino payment option is linked to the EcoPayz services. There is also an electronic wallet and a physical card which you can use to access your funds through ATMs.

This article is a complete overview of Eco Card Casino deposits. First of all I have explained in more detail how this service works and compared it to other payment options. Next you will find a practical guide which is a step-by-step roadmap for getting your Eco Card and making your deposit.

Depositing With Eco Card – An Overview

The concept of a virtual credit card which you can load up ahead of using is not new. Payments with EntroPay use this system – only with a Visa branded ‘virtual’ card. The basic idea with Eco Card is very simple. You register, and get a virtual MasterCard. This can be loaded via your bank account or credit card. Once the money is on board, you can use this to spend at any merchant which accepts MasterCard online – and that is millions of different merchants worldwide, including many online casinos.

The main advantage of this system is security. You do not have to share your real bank account details with any merchants. By using a pre-loaded card, your only risk is the small amount of money you have added – and not your entire bank account. You will have the added advantage of not having any casino-related entries on your bank statement too.

EcoPayz, which issue these cards, will charge a small fee at the point you upload the funds to cover their costs. This is different to many of the electronic wallet services, which charge per transaction that you make. If you do not have a bank account, you can still get an Eco Card, you will upload money to this using pre-paid vouchers instead.

Compared to the many other payment processors, this card has a big advantage. You are not restricted to merchants that already have a partnership with the company issuing the card (or wallet).You can deposit instantly at any merchant who accepts MasterCard (and that is most of them!).

The major disadvantage of this card is that it is a one-way process. Unlike many electronic wallets, you cannot withdraw using MasterCard, and will need to find an alternative deposit option. While you do have the option to keep a chunk of your bankroll on your Eco Card, this is not quite as agile a solution as eWallets for taking advantage of those short-term offers and promotions at various casinos.

Eco Card Casino Deposits – Practical Steps

This step-by-step guide to Eco Card deposits has two parts. First of all, you will find the sign-up process for the card itself, which is very easy. After that the casino deposit section, which goes from the initial account creation to successful deposit. Keep in mind that this is a general process overview, you might find that different casinos have small variations on this process.

To get your Eco Card you should first go the website. You should click on the main tab for ‘personal account’ options, and then ‘cards’. You have the choice of Eco Card and Eco Virtual card, if you start with the virtual card, you can always get the physical card later.

You now simply click the ‘join today’ arrowed button and follow the instructions. You’ll need to verify your email address as part of the process, though you should have a card set up within minutes – ready to upload money and get started using. Remember that you can only spend up to the amount you upload, this means that no credit checks are necessary for new users – there is no credit involved.

Once you have your loaded Eco Card, it is time to register and deposit at your chosen online casino. This section assume you have already chosen this and that you have also checked that they accept MasterCard as a payment option.

The next step is to sign up for a player account, this is that you will be depositing into. Accurate information is important at this point, as you will be asked for backup documents when it comes to time to withdraw your winnings. E-mail verification is usually required as part of the sign-up process.

After this, you should head to the cashier section, which will be easy to find at every single online casino. Find deposits and then MasterCard. You will be asked for information here including your name as written on the card, the long number, expiration date and the CCV number.

Now you simply add the amount you want to deposit, click ‘Submit’ and your deposit will be made.