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How to Deposit at Online Casinos with ClickandBuy

ClickandBuy has been referred to as the ‘European PayPal’ in the press. This is an electronic wallet service which allows you to purchase from online merchants – as well as deposit at online casinos – from a single account. ClickandBuy have more than 16,000 merchant partners, which include many of the leading international casino brands. This casino deposit option is not currently open to US players.

This page gives you a complete overview of making casino deposits with ClickandBuy. First of all I have outlined how this system works, along with the pros and cons of choosing it compared with many similar systems. After that you will find a stage-by-stage walk-through of the process for signing up and depositing at a casino with ClickandBuy. Finally, some words of warning – casino bonuses often have hidden terms which make them difficult to clear – I have outlined what to look out for at the end of this page.

Overview of ClickandBuy Casino Deposits

This electronic wallet system was created way back in 1999 in Germany. They have since relocated to London and are under the remit of the UK financial authorities, which means that this is a trusted system. This service sits between your bank account and online merchant. The basic selling point is that you give your details to ClickandBuy, and then do not have to give those bank details to casinos and online merchants large and small.

Once you upload some money into your ClickandBuy account, you can use this like a bank account, depositing, withdrawing and transferring cash to other users. Of course, you can also return the money to your own bank at any time.

There are several advantages of using this eWallet system for your casino deposits. The security is the main one, yes you need to trust the payment system – though you do not need to worry so much about trusting individual casinos with your bank details after that.

For me the main advantage comes with the flexibility. Many casino players keep s proportion of their bankroll in an electronic wallet instead of at their main casino. This means that when a special deal or promotion occurs at any online casino, you have the money available to take advantage of it. You then cash out back to ClickandBuy when the promo ends. This can be a great way of keeping that bankroll topped up.

There are always pros and cons with the different deposit methods. The main disadvantage of this system is the small fees you’ll pay on every transaction. These are not as big as some rival services, and certainly smaller than those at PayPal. You’ll also need to go through the setup and verification process. This is just a one-time effort and does help to keep this electronic wallet completely secure.

ClickandBuy Casino Deposits – Stage-By-Stage

There are two parts to this process. First you will need to set up an account with the payment processor – and then make the actual deposit at your casino.

If you go to you will see a white ‘Register’ button on the left hand side of the header. Moving your mouse over this brings up a choice of Customer or Business – click ‘Customer’ and you are on your way.

There are three steps. First fill in your information, then specify your bank details and then confirm. You will be required to supply backup documents, however you can use the service with limited amounts while you are organizing these.

Next it is time to make your casino deposit. Below is a general process which most casinos will follow, though there may be individual differences.

  • First up, you will need to register for a player account, which is what you will be depositing into. You’ll normally need to verify your e-mail upfront, some casinos will require back-up documents early, while others will require these when it you cash out.
  • Next you need to navigate to the cashier, find the deposits section and select ClickandBuy
  • You’ll be taken to a secure window where you log in with your ClickandBuy id and password, verify the transaction and confirm the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Next you’ll return to the casino, your deposit completed and you’ll be ready to hit the games.

Before You Make That ClickandBuy Deposit – Check The Bonus Terms

When you first compare casino bonuses, they all look remarkably similar. All will offer a 100% match on your first deposit, and many will offer further matched bonuses after that. Underneath these headlines, there are major differences in how quickly you’ll actually realize the bonus amount.

What you are looking for is the play-through or wager-through rate. This is the amount of times you need to turn over the bonus before it can be withdrawn. The best casinos have play-through requirements which are a lot lower than the worst, for example 25 times is good, and more than 50 times play through should normally be avoided.