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How to Deposit at Online Casinos with EcoPayz

EcoPayz is a combination of an electronic wallet system, MasterCard and mobile payments solution. This is widely accepted by online casinos, as well as other online merchants. This system sits between your bank and the casinos – giving you an extra layer of security as well as flexibility. EcoPayz is not currently available to US players.

This article gives you a complete overview of the EcoPayz casino deposit method. First you will find an introduction to the system, including the pros and cons compared to alternative deposit methods. After this I have outlined the practical steps needed to make your EcoPayz deposit. Finally, you will find important information on making sure you do not get stuck with a poor bonus deal before you go ahead and deposit.

EcoPayz Casino Deposits Overview

Electronic wallets are becoming more and more popular online. These services mean you do not need to give your personal bank account or card details to every merchant you buy from (or every casino you deposit at). Instead you fund the 3rd party account, and use this to move your money around online.

EcoPayz is a combination of electronic wallet, card and mobile device compatible payment system. The wallet part works in the same way as larger rivals PayPal or Moneybookers. You register your account, use your debit or credit cards to get some initial funds into it, and then use this balance for your casino deposits. Having a MasterCard along with this account means you can access the money from ATMs, or spend it at online merchants.

As well as the security of having a system between your bank account and the casinos, you’ll enjoy flexibility with this deposit method. You can keep a proportion of your casino bankroll in this wallet instead of at any individual casino. If you see a promotion or special offer which looks attractive, then you can quickly take advantage without impacting your bank account or withdrawing from another casino (which might void any bonuses you were clearing there).

EcoPayz is used by a lot of the major casinos, so there should not be any issues with finding this method accepted.

As with all electronic wallet systems, the main downsides are the fees and the time needed to set up your account. For me, both of these are tiny investments compared to the advantages of extra security and flexibility that you get from using this service. The MasterCard is the extra which gives this deposit option a real boost. You can withdraw your winnings, then take them out of an ATM, without needing to involve your bank account at all.

Stage-by-Stage: How to make Casino Deposits with EcoPayz

This section contains a run through of how to deposit with EcoPayz. There are two distinct phases, first the signup for an EcoPayz account, then part where you deposit into the casino.

Signing up for your account is very easy. First you head over to, and click the blue button at the top which says ‘Join Today’. You will be asked for some basic information, and will need to fill in a capture. Next you’ll go to a screen with some more details. You’ll need to verify your e-mail address, and then when it comes to uploading funds, you will need to link your account with your bank. Backup documentation will be required, though you can operate your account with lower transaction limits while you are preparing this.

You’ll have an EcoPayz account, funded and ready to use in a matter of minutes.

I am assuming you have already chosen your casino by the time you come to the next stage below, funding your casino account.

  • First you’ll need a player account, this is what you will be paying the funds into. Remember to use accurate personal information when registering, you’ll need backup documents when it is time to withdraw your winnings.
  • Next head to the cashier section of you casino site, this will always be clearly marked. You need to find the deposits section, and then find the EcoPayz logo.
  • Once you click you will be taken to a secure screen where you log-in to your EcoPayz account, and then confirm the amount of your deposit.
  • You then are taken back to the casino, where you should find your deposit waiting for you to take to the tables.

You can also withdraw into your EcoPayz account, this is a simple process and your money can be available within hours (this depends on the individual casino).

Check The Bonus Terms Before You Sign Up

This final section will help you ensure that you get the best available bonus before you sign up. All casinos advertise a generous welcome bonus, and they all look similar when you first see them. What you will find is that there are some big differences in the rate that they clear – that is, when you can withdraw them.

I recommend you spend some time to look at the ‘Play Through’ requirements. This is the number of times you need to wager your bonus before it can be withdrawn. These range from 20x at the best casinos, through to 50x at some others.