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American Idol

Review of the American Idol Slot Machine

American Idol is part of the latest generation of slots which are appearing in casinos in Vegas and larger venues around the country. This is a multi-player game, which has features which can be enjoyed individually and together with other players. The tie in with one of the most popular TV shows makes this slot a big draw. This slot is created by IGT.

This page gives you an overview of what to expect from the American Idol slot game. First of all I have described how to play this slot, including an overview of the bonus rounds and information on how the group and individual play work together. After this you can find information on some of the other new generation multi-player slots which are available in live casinos around the country.

American Idol Slot – How This Amazing Game Works

A slot where you can sit with up to 5 players and enjoy the game together, even while betting different amounts, would have seemed inconceivable just a few short years ago. Now there are several of these machines available. They share a huge screen which covers the entire 5 seats, along with side screens and an individual screen for each player.

On the individual screens you’ll find a video slot, where you have to line up symbols including microphones, lighting rigs and the profiles of the judges. You’ll find plenty of clips from the shows and animated reels during the game, which by slot standards is a very playable game on its own.

The real entertainment starts with the bonus rounds, which are trigged on the big screen. These can involve all of the players playing at the time they are triggered. What happens is that you each pick a judge (using this round as an example) and eventually win a number of credits based on what these judges give to the contestants in this particular round. This could be 10, 100, or 1000 points – which will be multiplied by the line bet of the player who chose that judge. So, if you are playing for 5c a line, you’ll get a different bonus prize to someone playing 25c per line – though proportionally, everyone is treated the same.

Bonus Rounds

Superstar Bonus: Here you click the smartphone type icons which appear on your own screen to see how many votes each contestant got. These votes become credits (again proportional to your line bet). The added interest with this bonus is that you can go through multiple rounds, accumulating more credits as you go, before eventually getting knocked out.

Judges Bonus: This one involves choosing a judge and seeing how many points they award for a contestant. It comes complete with a critique of the performer from one of the judges.

Rapid Reloads: This is a bonus for your individual screen. If you get matching symbols in the center portion of your screen then the reels quickly spin again, dropping more of that symbol around the edges. This can result in some big wins and is the same bonus concept used in the multi-player Wheel of Fortune slot.

There are extras to the bonuses, depending on which of the 3 judges is active when the bonus rounds kick off (Steven, Randy or Jennifer). You can win an additional 1000 credits with the ‘Golden Ticket’ feature.

Reasons to play American Idol

This is a machine built with entertainment in mind, and is probably not one for the slots ‘purist’. If you are a recreational player hitting Vegas and you love the show, then this machine really is a must-play. Not only will you feel part of the show, you can have a genuinely social experience with the other players too.

Of course, the main reason to play any slot is to win some money – and American Idol has no shortage of opportunities to do just that.

Other Multi-Player Next Generation Slots

American Idol is just one example of a brand new genre of slot games which you can find in live casinos. Many of these concepts are making their way online via the IGT Interactive division. Next time you visit a large casino, look out for these titles:

Wheel of Fortune: Another TV tie in, this time you will find giant wheels shared between the 5 seats of the slot. You can win big money individually, and your big-screen bonus round will be queued if someone is already enjoying one. This machine comes with a huge jackpot too.

The Dark Knight Rises: Racing the joker through the streets of Gotham City on a giant screen sounds entertaining enough. If you add the fact that you could be winning big money, and playing the amazing Dark Knight multi-player slot, this starts to become a game that you must see, and soon.