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High Limit

The Complete Guide to High Limit Slots

For many players, those small incremental wins from small stakes slots games do not really get the adrenaline flowing. For a certain breed of slots fans, a big win is not measured in the $100s or even $1000’s – wins need to be at least 5 figures to be meaningful. With so much of the online literature dedicated to small stakes games, this article is to redress the balance – covering high limit slots games, both live and online.

First of all below I have covered how we describe a high-limit slot. This section includes some ideas of the hourly play-through rates when enjoying the higher stakes games. After that I take live high-limit slots and online games separately, looking at how to get the best from both versions of these games. Finally, even the biggest players need to employ a little bankroll management in their slots play, and this topic is covered.

Defining High Limit Slots

The tricky thing about defining high limit slots is that what is a high limit for one player can be spare change for another. If you balk at the thought of starting a slots session with $500 to gamble, then you are almost certainly not a high limit player. Having said that, many big stakes players might start with $5000 instead – and in the high limit slots rooms at Vegas casinos even that could be considered as small change.

For me anything from $5 and up per spin online and $10 and up per spin live should fall into the high limit slots category. Even if this is too much for you right now, remember that you are only one lucky jackpot away from joining the ranks of the high limit slots players.

One consideration here is how quickly you are turning over your bankroll. Even at a conservative 4 spins per minute at $5 per spin, you are gambling $1200 per hour. Up this to $15 spins and 6 spins per minute and you are already turning over more than $5000 per hour. Of course, there will be many small wins along the way to keep that money turning over while you wait for the big one to drop in.

High Limit Slots at Brick and Mortar Casinos

If you enjoy the live slots, then you’ll find most casinos have separate rooms for their high limit machines. These are quieter, more spacious and are better serviced by floor staff and waiting staff than the general areas.

If you are turning over significant sums, then you must make sure that the concierge is aware that you are playing. At the very least you need a rewards card, and the perks including dining or even complimentary accommodation are there to be taken advantage of.

You’ll generally a great selection of the most popular slots titles in the high limit rooms, though the latest multi-player interactive machines will not necessarily be present.

High Limit Slots Online

Just about every online slot can be played for high limits as long as you have the money in your account. These include games which can be enjoyed for $50 per spin, which can quickly add up to astronomical hourly rates.

As a high limit slots player online you should be contacted by your site and offered entry into their VIP club. Most (though not all) online casinos offer these, which are invitation only and give big bonuses and exclusive promotions to the highest stakes players.

One big consideration for online slots players wanting to play big money games from the US is that you will need easy deposit options. Some casinos add charges to defray the higher cost of handling these deposits. If you are depositing in the $1000’s these can make a significant difference to your profits, so make sure your casino has some fair rules – or switch to one that does.

The main advantage of playing the big money slots online is that you’ll have an incredible choice of games. These include the latest Video slot titles as well as traditional games. Online you will find slots with jackpots linked between casinos sharing the same software – these often go into the 7-figure range.

Bankroll Management for High Limit Slot Players

Bankroll management may seem like a dry subject for players used to the thrills of big money slots games. However, you will find that this is actually more important the bigger your bets. Key here is that you manage your overall gambling bankroll in such a way as to maximize your chances of playing long enough to enjoy some windfall successes – while minimizing your chances of going broke.

Recommended levels for a slots session start at 250 times your spin amount. If you win early on, you might want to increase your bet sizing to 250x the new total. If you lose then you can always reduce the per-spin amount to a new level to enjoy playing for a little longer.