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Mr. Vegas

Review of the Mr. Vegas Slot from BetSoft

The Las Vegas theme has been used many times in different slot games. BetSoft have taken the same idea (of a high rolling gambler) and given it their 3d graphics treatment. The result is an excellent 5 reel video slot, with graphics few slots anywhere can beat. There are 4 different bonus features, some of which can result in big wins. BetSoft are a cutting edge casino software house that licenses their games to US friendly casinos.

This review page gives you a complete overview of the Mr. Vegas Slot from BetSoft. First of all I have covered the setup of this game and the basic game-play.  After that you will find out about the different bonus rounds available on this slot. Next, I have asked the question of why you should choose Mr. Vegas, among the 100’s of other slots available. Finally, some alternative video slots that you might want to check out are looked at.

The Setup and Game Play of BetSoft’s Mr. Vegas

The graphics capabilities of BetSoft are showcased when you load up this slot with an intro video depicting a high roller entering a Vegas casino. The actual game also shows what this software maker has become famous for – 3d-effect graphics.

On the reels you will find symbols covering the range of gambling activity in Vegas (including both a blonde and brunette!). These pop out and become animated when a win comes in, also showing the amount of credits you have won. In the background a jazz soundtrack plays.

Essentially, this is a 5 reel video slot with up to 30 win lines. You can bet anything from 1c to $5 per line, making your bets between 30c and $150 per spin. Your wins are all in proportion to your line bet amount. There are plenty of smaller and mid-sized wins you can trigger. You’ll need 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols including the blackjack hand, roulette wheel, welcome to Las Vegas sign, show girls or several others.

Bonus Rounds on the Mr. Vegas Slot

What you are really looking for on this slot machine is to trigger one of the feature rounds. These have the possibility of big money, though there are lots of smaller and mid-sized wins along the way which should keep your bankroll nicely topped up.

If you get the dice symbol next to Mr. Vegas, then you will trigger the free-spins round. First, Mr Vegas himself will roll to see how many spins you get. This round has a 2x multiplier on any wins.

There are slot machine symbols that trigger a slot bonus round in this game. If you get two on the reels then the remaining reels spin for longer with a ‘woooo’ anticipatory noise to up the excitement level while you wait to see if the 3rd one comes in. If it does you go to a separate old-style slot, where you can win big. Most of the wins here are small, though it is great to know that you have the potential of a windfall coming in.

Some of the reels in the main game contain slabs in the top left (cheeses, if you play trivial pursuit), which go to make up a money wheel. 5 of these on the reels give you a shot at a money wheel bonus which can bag you free spins or a modest progressive jackpot. Finally the roulette bonus it triggered by getting Mr. Vegas on reels 1, 3 and 5. There is the potential for a big win if Mr. Vegas rolls one of the numbers you choose for him.

All-in-all these are entertaining bonus rounds and very different from the bonuses offered by most other slots makers. This game is worth checking out, if only as a showcase for what BetSoft are capable of when it comes to 3d slot creation.

Should You Play the Mr. Vegas Slot?

This game compares well with most of the slot games that offshore casinos are able to offer US players at the moment. The graphics and game-play are a genuine step up from the Real Time Gaming titles on offer. The theme is quirky and the bonus sequences are entertaining, though whether this will be a slot that stands the test of time for long, I am not so sure. For me traditional slot players will get tired of the expanding symbols and repeating the same bonuses. While video slot fans might well get more entertainment from the movie tie-in games instead.

Mr. Vegas is an amazing game, and is certainly worth a few spins for traditional and video slot fans alike.

Alternatives to Mr. Vegas?

There are several slots which include bonus rounds and entertaining animations, without being so complex and intensive that players find them overwhelming. On a similar level the Monopoly range of slots find the balance between game-play and bonus rounds nicely. The Godfather, with its progressive bonuses, might also appeal to players who enjoyed the Mr. Vegas slot.