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The Godfather

A Detailed Review of Slot Games Based on the Godfather

The film trilogy is a legend, and has been the subject of licensing deals for slots game tie-ins for a number of years. If you go back far enough, you can find slots with physical reels with the Godfather theme – though nowadays things are very much technology driven. There has even been a version of this slot online, at one of the world’s largest (non-US) independent casinos.

This page looks at the latest generations of Godfather slots in the live arena, where the latest technology is really making a visible difference to the games you will find. There are two new slots, one 25 reel game and one ‘all ways’ 243 combinations game. You’ll find those outlined below, including information on the bonus rounds. After that I mention the online game, before covering some of the many other movie-themed slots which you can enjoy online.

The Godfather Slot – The Two Main Live Games

You can find many different legacy slots with Godfather themes, though the latest 2 are called ‘Corleone’s Office’ and ‘My Daughter’s Wedding.’

Corleone’s Office

This is a 25 reel video slot, which is themed around the business end of the life in ‘the family’. There are plenty of features associated with this game, which include free-spins rounds (which can be triggered by an orange plus the horse’s head symbols on reels one and five respectively). The gold ring is the symbol you want to see for the bonus round.

There are 4 jackpots associated with the Godfather slots. These are progressive, though locally so and not linked to a large network of casinos. There is a ‘pick-em’ style game at the end of the bonus round, which awards the main prize for picking the 6 correct symbols from 9.

What is new and innovative about this machine is that the bonuses are progressive. Instead of just repeating the same few bonus features over and over again, you will do through a series of bonuses. This keeps the game interesting and varied. At the same time the bonuses award progressively bigger prizes – once you become established in the family, you get to take on progressively bigger jobs.

My Daughter’s Wedding

This is the ‘other side’ of the life of Don Corleone, the real family side. This slot is the latest creation and is one of the 243 ‘all ways’ slots. You play for 30 ‘coins’ like in the video slots, though the win lines involve every possible combination of the 5 reels from left to right. This sounds confusing, though once you start playing you will quickly realize that the machine does it all for you, and you can still see the times when the symbols line up for you.

There is a bonus round where Corleone makes you offers (of prizes) that you supposedly cannot refuse. Complete with animated clips, you’ll get to choose from some different offers. This slot also has progressive bonuses and levels which you work your way through. Once you are inside the family, the wins can be very worthwhile indeed,

The Godfather Slot Online

You can find an older Godfather slot at one of the oldest independent casino brands. This is a simple 25 reel video slot, you will find clips from the film and a pick-em type adventure game which is based on the film. This slot is engaging and entertaining in its own right, though is does not match up to the newer games on the live casino floor by WMS.

There are also some other slots by rival software providers which are heavily themed towards the ‘mob’ and Godfather movies, though are careful enough not to fall foul of trademark infringements. These do include some entertaining games, including some which are available on mobile devices.

Other Slots Themed on Famous Movies

Slots have been paired with successful movies for many years. A walk through the slots halls of any casino in Vegas will show you that movies and TV shows are everywhere you look – hoping that your interest in the original will persuade you to take a spin on the latest machines. Here are two games you might like to look out for on your next visit to a casino.

Willy Wonka: This slot shares the technological advances of the latest Godfather slot, with some amazing bonus rounds as well as clips from the movie. Riding the chocolate river can win you some interesting prizes, though the ‘golden ticket’ inside a Wonka bar is worth even more, with a $5000 prize coming your way.

The Dark Knight: This slot is themed on the 2008 Batman film of the same name. There are multiple features, and even a multi-player version where you will share a huge screen. This is great when you hit the bonus round which involves driving through Gotham City racing with the Joker.