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The Dark Knight

Review of the Dark Knight Rises Slot Games

There are two Dark Knight Rises slots, one for live casinos and the other exclusive to licensed worldwide online casinos. These games are almost identical in many respects, and have obviously shared their storyboards and game development at some point down the line. Like the seminal 2008 Batman film on which these games are based, the atmosphere is dark and brooding – and clips from the movie adds to the overall atmosphere while you are playing.

This review covers both versions of the Dark Knight Slot in some detail. I have started with the live casino games, outlining what to expect from the game-play and the bonus rounds on both the individual-play machines and the amazing new multi-player versions too. Next the online games are covered. The game is almost the same, though the opportunities to play it on the move are vastly improved. At the end of this page you’ll find some of the reasons to choose this slot compared to the 100’s of others available. Finally, I have suggested some other slots which tie into big movies that you might want to try.

The Dark Knight Slot – IGT Live Game

Featuring a huge 103 inch screen, multiplayer capability and huge jackpot prizes, it is little surprise that many reviewers gave the Dark Knight Slot a solid 10/10 rating. The old cliché that this is one slow that could stand the test of time (in a very competitive market) could well be true this time around.

IGT, who have created the live casino version of this slot have worked wonders in recreating the dark and brooding atmosphere of the game. Right from the start, you’ll find new ideas too. For starters you go not have to play on the side of law and order at all. When you first sit down you get to choose whether to play as Batman or as the Joker. The games are essentially the same, with different twists to the clips and coloring around the reels.

Both the Joker and Batman make random appearances while you are playing. The Joker turns his symbols randomly into wilds, and Batman increases the number of wild symbols by adding making neighboring symbols into additional wilds.

There are plenty of ways to win, though it is the bonus rounds which are what players of this slot are waiting for. The Sonar Vision bonus is a fancy pick-em round, in which you match up hidden icons to win credits. To make things more interesting, the multiplier goes up while you play, meaning there is a balance between getting the wins accumulated and waiting for a better prize. The ‘Sleight of Hand’ bonus is a Joker-themed round. This is a pick-em type game too, where you swipe your hand over the touch screen to reveal prizes.

The big bonus can be shared between all the players in the multi-player versions of this game. This is called ‘The Battle for Gotham City’. If you win coins which let you play, you can either store them or play immediately. If someone else plays and you have coins, then you can choose to join them in the current game or to wait.

This bonus round is a car-chase on the big screen, between Batman and the Joker. Again, you can pick either character. You’ll speed through different check-points picking up wins along the way. If you make it all the way to the end then you could end up with a nice windfall.

The Dark Knight Slot – MicroGaming Version

The MicroGaming version of the Dark Knight Rises slot is found exclusively online. This can be access outside of the US only, as MicroGaming do not license their games to any US players at this time.

Mostly, this slot is the same as the live game – though there is no sharing function. The key difference is that the online version uses the 243 winning combination system, rather than win-lines. This is simple enough to follow once you get used to it. The jackpot of this version of the game is linked between MicroGaming online casinos, meaning you can expect some giant prizes.

Instead of featuring the Joker, you’ll be fighting with another of Batman’s enemies in this game – Bane.

Who Should Play The Dark Knight Rises?

This slot will appeal to a lot of people, the pure entertainment value is taken to a brand new level. You also have the chance of booking a huge prize. I should mention that the interactive features, video clips and group bonuses may not appeal to fans of the more traditional slot games. This game is at an altogether higher intensity level than the traditional slot machines.

Other Movie Themed Slots

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